Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blessings and Peace - Happy New Year - 2014

A final post...

The Last Days of Troy

In the last days of Troy
Cassandra saw the angels fall,
and how the sky had darkened so,
how the land had heaved so,
how the gods, like vengeful Apollo,
had openly proven themselves false,
only fake smiles from the skies.

She’d glimpsed beyond the smoky
firmament, searching for an invisible sun
that might give its heat to everyone,
but found, instead, a cold fate envelop-
ing the land and all its inhabitants.

And she pondered the fate
of her father, Priam,
who hadn’t believed,
as hadn’t the others,
to their avoidable demise.

You see, there were
the “could haves,” and
the “should haves,” and
the “might have beens.”
There were endless “if onlys,”
as in for instance, "if only
the slaves had not revered
their chains...if only..."

But, in the last days of Troy,
the Trojans would suddenly
realize through the merciless
clarity of collective regret,
how their cherished apathy
had lulled them for so long.
And they would conclude
that one does well to look
every gift horse in the mouth,
no matter how gracious
a gift it may seem.

For too high is the risk of
what may be hidden in plain sight,
of what may be a bitter nightmare
masquerading as a sweet dream,
of what may be dwelling now
both within, and without.

The rest is silence.


If everyone waits until the other man makes 
a start, the messengers of avenging Nemesis 
will come steadily closer.  --The White Rose

Who will make the first bid on the dove of peace?
Will it be you?

        May humanity pursue peace on Earth, ascend out of the darkness and illusions under which we've allowed ourselves, for milennia, to be oppressed, under which we have been fighting false, politically and financially orchestrated, cave-wall-shadow wars over:

* Race (among us, there is only one race: human)
* Gender (among us, there is only one gender: spirit)
* National boundaries  (among us, there is only one
national boundary: the entire surface of the planet)
* Political parties (among us, there is only one
 true political party: Peace & Mutual Respect)
* Other Convenient Scapegoats/Bad Guys

       Instead, may humanity one day collectively commit to a clear, unified Vision Statement for itself, a self-determined raison d'être free of the old, idiotic notions carefully and quietly socially-engineered into its consciousness by its many handlersthose hostile, parasitic alien races parading as fake smiles from the skies, along with their misguided human hybrid lapdogs who have worshipped and obeyed them (incorrectly deeming themselves, "elite").  In reality, these "elite" are merely middle management.  They are overseers of a slavery system wherein they themselves are but mere slaves, deluded and controlled with velvet chains and gilded cages of all sorts.  And what happens to most, if not all, middle management when a company decides to...downsize?

May Humanity Realize a Vision for Itself Centered in
~  Fearlessness, Intelligence, Compassion and Peace ~

...before it's too late.

"I stand for life, not death, and for peace, not war." --Picasso

~ Just say no to the handlers. ~



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